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Spinal compression fractures are a common cause of back pain, spinal deformity and reduced quality of life in elderly patients. The spine vertebra is compressed or collapsed, hence the term, compression fractures (Figure 1). These fractures cause the spinal column to shorten and tilt forward. Osteoporosis is the most common cause for spinal compression fractures. Spine tumors such as multiple myeloma less commonly cause these fractures. Osteoporosis and tumor weaken bone architecture and cause compression fractures to occur in the spine.

Spine compression fractures due to osteoporosis cause sudden onset of back pain with little or no trauma. Chronic symptoms include loss of height, spinal deformity (Dowager’s hump) and protuberant abdomen. Kyphoplasty is a new surgical technique that is over 90% effective in treating symptoms. Kyphoplasty relieves pain, reduces and stabilizes the fracture and minimizes spinal deformity (figure 2)

Kyphoplasty is minimally invasive and performed as a outpatient procedure. NeuroSpine Institute located in San Francisco, California is a center of excellence for treatment of spinal compression fractures with kyphoplasty. We have had the opportunity to serve hundreds of patients with painful osteoporotic compression fractures from California, and surrounding areas.